Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Using Technology to Improve Teaching & Learning?

I attended a workshop today where we discussed how to use technology to improve teaching and learning. At the prior workshop (which I had missed ;,) they proffered the following levels of technology use in education:
  1. Teacher using technology behind-the-scenes
  2. Teacher using technology for instruction
  3. Students using technology for learning
  4. Students using technology for teaching
This got me thinking about the technology and actions of each level:
  1. behind-the-scenes: grading software or database, word processing lesson plans, student handouts, letters to parents, notes from meetings, credential school work
  2. teacher instruction: POWERPOINT
  3. student learning: computer labs, online research
  4. student teaching: POWERPOINT
At the most basic use of technology in teaching is a computer (desktop or laptop), a projector, and Powerpoint slides. This also reminded me that I had promised a co-worker links to learn Powerpoint online, so I share the following to provide basic Powerpoint skills to get one started:

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