Friday, February 1, 2008

Tools-Online Bookmarks

Online tools that make life easier, more interesting, or are just way cool!

Online Bookmarks: the beauty of this tool is that you can access your best links from anywhere, not just on your main computer(s).

  1. social bookmarking
    I chose for my bookmarks because it's interface was easy for me to understand immediately, I can easily share links with my classmates, and it seems to be pretty popular in the online community. I don't like that it basically lists the bookmarks but I need to investigate further.

    These are tools to improve your experience:

  2. Most Popular Online Bookmarks and Filesharing sites
    Sure you have your favorite sites bookmarked on your home or work computer, but what happens when you need a site and you're not at home or work? Online bookmark and filesharing sites allow you to save your information online, which you can access anywhere

  3. Digg Social Bookmarking
    Digg is another prominent social bookmarking site, where you bookmark sites you and others find interesting , then the most popular are advertised worldwide.
  4. Yahoo! Bookmarks
    I'm not sure if this list is sharable otherwise having it interface with my Yahoo! email account is a definite advantage. More to come.

  5. Sharing Links: social bookmarking for educators
    Haven't tried this site out yet but it seems to be tailored to educators and can be used by your students safely.

  6. List of Bookmark Managers
    Comprehensive list of bookmark managers in case you wanted to compare some lesser knowns to the most popular.

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