Friday, February 1, 2008

Online Safety & Security

Yes many entities online are out to do bad things. Is that a reason to not join the Information Revolution? NOPE! So this section will highlight some basics to keep safe online.

  1. Great System for Maintaining & Changing Your Password
    A great system to maintain a very secure password. You know, when your computer forces you to change your password and you have to remember it but you're forced to change it so often you forget the password?

  2. Creating and Maintaining a Strong Password System
    Interesting system for changing a password regularly when you must have a strong (secure) password but you must remember it.

  3. How to Detect and Prevent Phishing Scams
    "Phishing" happens when individuals try to "phish" or retrieve your personal information for their use. It's a starting point for identity theft. This simple article describes the types of email messages you should NEVER OPEN. Once you automatically recognize potential phishing email messages you reduce your chances of getting a computer virus or corrupting your hard drive.

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