Friday, December 18, 2009

Lesson Plan templates

Nothing screws with a tech teacher worse than spending hours preparing a lesson just to have some element not work, either technical or curricular. Today I downloaded documents to help me plan my lessons for the rest of the school year ... so that I can squeeze in the curricular and extra-curricular lessons I want my students to learn! Microsoft Office's templates feature a number of lesson planning documents that will work just fine and I don't have to 'reinvent the wheel'. In order to download any of these you must use Internet Explorer:
  • Substitute Teacher Guide will come in handy to ensure my lesson schedule continues as I plan which professional development conferences I attend
  • Monthly Unit Planner for an overview of what you wish to accomplish each month
  • Weekly Planner so week to week you can adjust your monthly planner (personally I like to have a monthly overview then work on each lesson, so I have a binder with units and lesson-level sheets to accompany each unit)
  • Lesson Planner to plan details of each lesson
  • Lesson Planner to remind you to define concepts for younger tech students
Other templates are available at Microsoft Office's Template site (link to custom search for "lesson plan")

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