Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dell Pushes Advances of the Intelligent Classroom

Found this article while clearing my Inbox, yet a lot of the discussion still resonates in 2009 as schools struggle with reduced budgets.

I like the items mentioned in the "Checklist for Technology Planning" because if departments/schools/districts incorporate a good portion of these elements, they will achieve buy-in since all stakeholders will participate in the decision-making process, thereby reducing wasted money on tech that is not used. The checklist also emphasizes the Technology Plan which should document where a department/school/district currently stands regarding technology and where they'd like to be in a defined future time frame.

Most of their 2008 Top 10 Ed Tech stories are familiar, some are intuitive to educators forced to implement new classroom initiatives they had no input in developing, some are amusing. But they also remain issues in 2009 and going forward into 2010.

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