Monday, December 6, 2010

Include gadget for Google Sites

I've been using [free] Google Sites for years to organize my lessons, present to students, and have students access resources and lessons. Google Pages, the precursor to Google Sites, was more flexible in formatting different pages: I had 1 site but could change the design of individual pages. Because Google Sites does not have this functionality (I really needed to differentiate between my regular site and pages for a Computer Science Education Week), I built a new site just for CS Ed Week. The problem was how to direct students to the site without too much interference in the normal procedure (ie. going to the regular website).

  • refresh the homepage to the new website: functionality not available
  • embed the new site: embed did not work but ....
  • Solution: Include gadget: embeds a URL like an iframe
Not as elegant as a dynamic refresh, but it kept the interface familiar and I could direct students to working from that website.

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