Wednesday, October 13, 2010

more iPod Touch love: Classroom tools

The iRevolution continues! Did you know that the Calculator app becomes a scientific calculator by horizontally orienting the iTouch? Yet another device replaced by the iPod Touch! So far this year I am replacing with my iTouch:
  • Taking attendance wirelessly via PowerSchool website
  • Using Clock app as a timer instead of purchasing a separate timer
  • Posting to my Blogger blogs via PenMyBlog app
  • Add assignments to my class site via Google Sites (though there's a weird glitch with certain fields where I edit via HTML instead of WYSIWYG...guess I should report that to Google)
  • Research anything for assignments (need to share my bookmarks to access on other computers, though Google Bookmarks will solve that)
  • Checking e-mail instead of having multiple windows open on my class netbook (you know the kinds of things that embarrassingly show up on e-mail!)
  • Make phone calls with Rebtel, Skype and Google Voice (but I was taught to use my classroom phone so less of this :) 
Things I would be able to do with the latest iTouch:
  • Take pics of our whiteboard discussions and instantly post on class pages (camera added) 

Accessories that would [almost] render a laptop/desktop obsolete:
  • 16 pin projector (they have that)
  • Speakers (they have that)

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